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The Cyber Safety Hub is such a useful tool to have at our school to help support and engage our parent community. The information contained within the hub is invaluable, and I love the interactive nature of it in that we can request articles that align with our parent and student needs. It has had a hugely positive impact on our school.

Erin Christie, Teacher
Glenmore Road Public School

As a busy working parent, I struggle to find the time to stay on top of the latest trends my girls talk about at home. Our school provided the cyber safety hub as a resource, and it has been a game changer for my twins. I can now find out about the risks they don't want me to know about, but also increase my knowledge so I can have positive conversations about technology in our household. It is excellent.

Karen O'Connor
Northern Beaches Christian School

The Cyber Safety Hub is fantastic along with the webinars that are available to parents around the clock. If any parents have concerns about a safety issue, the staff have resources to refer to and they can also guide parents to look at the hub.

Ben Milward, Deputy Headmaster
St George’s School

The Hub has been invaluable for our school community. The time it saves in upskilling myself as a busy teacher has been a lifesaver. Being in a school and managing the subsequent cyber related issues that arise, I often feel like I'm chasing my tail to keep my knowledge up to date. The hub gives me quick, useful, reliable information on so many relevant cyber safety topics at the critical time I need it at school. Highly recommend the hub.

Dorothy Bosner
Glenmore Road Public School

The Cyber Safety Hub has already been referred to parents by our Heads of House when discussing social media or internet issues with parents: they are finding this hub invaluable and a positive way to reinforce partnership with parents, but also a reminder that parents also need to monitor their daughter’s device use and assist them in developing healthy and safe boundaries.

We are very pleased as it has really supported our whole school approach to wellbeing and the safety of our community and would highly recommend this service to other schools.

Marysa Boland
Loreto Normanhurst